Kirsi-Marja Harju


KAMA Kollektiv 

(photo by BalansLaB)

KAMA Kollektiv is an Amsterdam-based quartet that tells stories about love, transformation, small everyday pleasures and the mysticism of nature. In a theatrical and mesmerising style, their music draws influences from Nordic folk, indie pop, film scores and jazz & improvised music. Charismatic bandleader and frontwoman Kirsi-Marja “Kiki” Harju enchants the audience with her eccentric singing and lyrical trumpet playing. She and the bass player Jonathan compose music for the band. More info:

“To be discovered urgently” – Franpi Barriaux / Citizen Jazz (FR) / 2021

“ a unique refreshment of the European scene.” – Jan Hocek / / 2022

Kirsi-Marja Harju (tpt, voc) · Ida Alanen (p) · Jonathan Nagel (db) · Joe Korach (dr)


KMH is Kirsi-Marja Harju, Juho Myllylä and Apollonio Maiello. The Italo-German-Finnish collaboration began in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, where they joined forces to explore new possibilities for their instruments in a trio setting: trumpet, vocals, recorders (blockflutes), piano and synths. Original compositions by all three, as well as influential covers from all corners of contemporary jazz constitute the core of their dynamic repertoire. Their musical expression is rooted in Nordic melancholy, evocative melodies and atmospheric textures.

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While still living in Helsinki, Kiki formed her first own group as a leader, Kiki-O, in 2013. The band is not active anymore but here you can check out their music, written by Kiki:


Duo Kirsi-Marja Harju & Christiaan de Jong

Multi-instumental duo playing mostly originals & improvisations. 

Kirsi-Marja Harju – trumpet, vocals, lyre

Christiaan de Jong – guitar, flute

Watch our latest concert:


(photo by Lotte Dale)
Puntjudith is a Dutch singer-songwriter-pianist Judith Rijsenbrij, whose music is expressive and interesting, original electronic pop-music. Kiki has a pleasure to play in her live-settings and she also was part of her concert film in 2020. She and her band mates Wannes Notenbaert and Adriaan Stoop released their 2nd EP “Lawines” recently. More info: